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My recent contribution : distribution of audio tubes where zero-defects, customer satisfaction and decent conditions are the goal :

Building stuff for fun and without profit :

Build a Dynaco ST70 clone vta-70

Rebuilding an fm-1 tuner to a linebuffer / cathode follower with a IR remote control

Refurbishing a Dynaco PAS3X with tubes4hifi powersupply board, otherwize in standard ( MINT) condition

Building a "bedroom guitar amp molly , demonstrating the use of JJ ECC99 as powertube

Building an exact tubemeasuring device aka tubetracer uTracer

An old Dynaco sca35 is refurbished

Building a riaa using design and board from

Building a Dynaco pas4 klon

Mixed tube documents tubedoc

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Some thoughts how to improve a Toyota prius

Whats in a number ? Can a number be protected by Copyright?

How can you tell when Donald Trump lies ? answer

Karl Walfridsson Minnesanteckningar En Krigares Minnen" i pdf format ( originalet tyvärr förlorat)

En artikel om Audio Innovation 800. publicerad i HiFi Answers

En artikel om Erik Andersson Även den publicerad i HiFi Answers